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Bundled Babe by LoRusso

Could These Baby Swaddling Blankets Be Any Softer?

Hmmm, we are afraid the answer is no!

Designed from high quality breathable Bamboo Cotton, you may rest assured that these blankets will be next softest thing that will be touching your baby, after your touch!

The more you wash them, the softer they get! Toss them in the washing machine and see for yourself!

Tired of seams coming loose? Know anyone who is expecting? Looking for swaddle blankets combining functionality and style?

If you are nodding, then this 2-pack swaddle blanket set is the way to go!

Now Your Baby Can Sleep Safe & Sound For Much Longer Wrapped Around A Bundled Babe Swaddle Blanket

All parents experience anxiety when it comes to their baby’s sleeping conditions.

With our muslin swaddle blankets, you can now mimic the coziness of the mother’s womb and create a safe and comfortable environment for your little angel!

Swaddled babies tend to sleep for more hours, rest better and even eliminate colic pains.

The breathable yet lightweight nature of our receiving blankets, will facilitate the breastfeeding without overheating your baby’s body!

Here’s Why These Swaddle Blankets Are The Right Ones For You:

• Large size 47x47″ black and white swaddle blanket set for boys and girls.

• Breathable, lightweight, ultra-soft and snugly muslin blankets!

• Use them as a nursing cover, stroller shade, car seat canopy, diaper changing pad, playing mat, tummy time and for swaddling of course!

• Promote better sleeping conditions, prevent face scratches, eliminate the need for comfort items in the crib thus minimize SIDS, and improve baby vision!

• And remember, when babies sleep more, parents sleep more as well!

What are you waiting for? Get yours today, while supplies last!

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