About Us

About the founder:

Brittany started LoRusso with the vision to sell a line inspired by the world around her. Collaborating with others, her passion for fashion and a desire for community and lifting other women up is what started LoRusso. The idea of engaging everyday life and fashion together has developed a brand that consists of stylish yet playful pieces. LoRusso’s mission is to be fun and free, inspires and wants to be inspired. She wants women to feel beautiful and confident in their everyday!

From Brittany:

I really just see LoRusso as wanting to share my love with the world through fashion. LoRusso has definitely been a big leap of faith and it’s been the best decision. I became a mom to the most beautiful baby boy in 2015 and had my second son in 2018. I have always had a love for clothes and fashion and after having my son, I had a hard time feeling confident in my own skin. My body had changed and my world was different. I realized, just because I became a mom doesn’t mean I can’t still rock awesome clothes that make me feel confident and beautiful. My hope is to inspire women to always find what they are looking for and to be an encourager, lifting other women up. We live in a world that knocks us down, tells us we aren't worthy, but my beauties, YOU are WORTHY and YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

“Clothes will not change the world. The women who wear them will” Anne Klein