SKINny Facial Oil

If you are looking for an essential product in your morning or evening beauty arsenal, this is it. Perfect for all skin types, the Skinny Facial Oil with natural anti-microbial properties from our 100% RAW & pure coconut oil paired with calming lavender and chamomile essential oils has everything you need to cleanse, moisturize, & protect your skin.

Our favorite uses are:

  • Makeup remover, including stubborn waterproof mascara
  • Facial Cleanser that works for all skin types, including oily or breakout-prone skin thanks to the naturally anti-microbial nature of the coconut oil & lavender
  • Calming facial moisturizer- perfect for sensitive skin
  • Neck & decollete moisturizer
  • Cheekbone highlighter- apply a small amount directly on top ridge of cheekbone, once makeup is applied


(4oz) - Skinny&Co. Coconut Oil, Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils, Lavender and Roman Chamomile Extract. 

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